Writer. Role player. Never a poet.

I have about a million novels started,  not a one finished. I’ve got short stories, chapters, ideas, and sentences floating around here. Eventually, hopefully, some of them will come together into a complete work. Until then, I just have fun creating.

I’m slightly obsessed with Karl Urban. And, by “slightly,” I mean I’m crazy-obsessed over the man. Not that I stalk him. I mean, I would, but I’m too smart for that. And I don’t want him to think I’m a creeper.

I also have a deep love for Dita Von Teese. She’s beautiful, strong, opinionated, intelligent, and everything that society tells little girls they should be. She’s my Barbie.

My Tumblr Dita Von Chaos

My RPG Phoenix Rising RP

In the real world, I’m currently a Billing Coordinator in a physician’s office. Well, three physicians’ offices. The work can be boring and tedious, but it suits me. It gives me time to think and time to not think. I’m not necessarily a people-person, so it works for me.

I have four brothers and they each have families. I’m the lone hold-out on that respect. Kids just aren’t my cup of tea unless I can send them home to parents who are far more willing to handle the less-than-pleasant aspects of rearing children. Other than that, my personal life is just that, personal.


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